Kill Weed Sheen Flame Gun Machine

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Environment Friendly Product

Australian farmers and workers from councils have been used CHEMICAL HERBICIDES to kill and eradicate weeds on a large scale for many years. The lack of scientific tests about herbicides in human body on the and massive marketing advertising by the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, offering a false impression that CHEMICAL HERBICIDES are not harmful to the human body induceded thousands Australians workers and farmers buy regularly these products.

Today, more and more cases of cancer and other diseases are beginning to appear in many remote communities across the country. People who frequently exposed the use of herbicides are manifesting serious illnesses forcing to leave their jobs and spend most of time in hospitals, doctors and home.

The demage has been done. Law cases against pharmaceutical companies is growing whole world. The lack of transparency from these companies are forcing people to find a natural altenativa to deal with problem of weeds. The ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY products are great hope to fix this problem which keep people and environment healthly and safe

The Power of Flame Gun

The Sheen Flame pistol is a product manufactured in England and has been sold in Australia for almost 30 years. It is simple and easy to use on farms and large gardens. The power of flames, kills immediately the roots of weeds , fungi in the soil, burn moss, snails, spiders and other insect pests who live in the soil

100% ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY which means that it does not cause any harm to the body or other side effect. It doesn't need to wear gloves and mask or any other chemical product to use the machine. With a good practice of maintement, the machine may last for many years....