Flame Gun Back Burning Method

sheen flame gun

Australia Climate Change

For thousands of years, Aborigines have known how to deal with forest fires on their land. The prolonged dry seasons that covered extensive green areas were a danger sign for them. It could be resulted a hunger and starvation for entire community .

Forest fires could last for days and nights, and measures to maintain fire control were nil.The harsh and unpredictable living conditions forced them to find an alternative to avoid these successive ecological disasters.

The effective method of BACK BURNING could be used extensively to entire Aboriginal communities around the Australia, saving the lives of people and all fauna around..

Back Burning Method

Method of Back Burning is simple efficient. It is a prevention method which can be used anytime of year. Sheen Flame Gun Machine is easy to work and anyone can handle it. The SHEEN FLAME GUN MACHINE operates with kerosene, gives an intense flame 16 to 18 inches.

It is made in England. The SHEEN Flamegunning method of destroying weeds and leaves is the modern way sure, quick and easy, without stooping and without the use of dangerous chemicals. All you have to do is to wave the flame over the unwanted weeds...

You may use along paths, along fences, edges, rockeries etc. Flamegunning will not stain the stonework. Before sowing seeds, you may lightly flame the seed bed to kill weeds and any harmful spores. You will find so many uses for the Flamegun around the home and in your garden or on the farm.