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Environmentally Friendly Machine

Today, more than ever, the inappropriate use of chemicals to kill weeds can cause irreversible damage to our health. For years, major international pharmaceutical companies have earned millions of dollars from false advertisements about the quality and safe use of the product for humans. The cases of people who are diagnosed with cancer after working swith chemical product are astonishment.

" The Machine Sheen Flame Gun is safe, natural and reliable alternative to kill weeds immediately without any harm to the body and environment..."

The principle of machine is to destroy weeds and garden pests by applying intense heat. Operated manually and directed with deadly accuracy, the flame kills existing growth, incinerates weed seeds and other undesirable elements before they have a chance to take hold. It is the only method which destroys all top growth and leaves the soil surface clear.

Back Burning Equipment

Bush fires are one of the major problems to farmers and people who live in regional and rural Australia. Prevention from new bushfires is a major priority to the Australian government, firefighters and local communities. The quick, easy and efficient way to deal this issue is introduce a method for back burning regularily.

" The flame gun's flame can reach a distance of up to 1 metre and can heat to 2000 degree celcius. It runs on kerosine .."

With the right management, your back burning method can be done in just a few hours on your land. It is a 100% environmentally friendly machine ....


Best Ways to Use Sheen Flame Gun:

flame gun product

Flame Gun Machine Backyard

Safe and natural way to deal with weeds in your backyard.

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Kill weeds Sheen Flame Gun Machine

Flame Gun Machine Weed killer

Highly and efficient machine without production of any harmful toxins to the body.

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bush fire

Back Burning Flame Gun

Back burning is a simple and environmentally friendly solution to prevent bush fire...

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